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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Merry March

Once again, I have over committed and blogging has fallen to the bottom of the list. Strange how one of my most therapeutic activities I don't find the time for.
I did completed my leaf for the International Fiber Collaborative 'Interdependence' tree project. I found a piece of needle felted wool I made from a recycled Goodwill jacket and cut it into a ginkgo leave. I fused it to a piece of black felt and stitched the veins and outline in metallic thread- added my name and was ready to go.

Attended the Dallas Quilt Celebration and was happy to see the work and ribbons of my friends Tonya, Lu, Deborah and Judy. This year I attended the mini auction and did I ever have a fun time! I set a limit and found a few pieces I would go over the limit for and I waited. Here comes piece number 1 and the opening bid was more than half of my limit - it was over before it started for me - damn! I will start saving now for next year.

Tonight I made rosaries at the church. We dismantled necklaces and reassembled them into beautiful rosaries. No pics - maybe next time.

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