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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deborah's Book

During my search for Omiyage: Handmade Gifts from Fabric in the Japanese Tradition by Kumiko Sudo, I came across a new book recently reviewed in some publication I read. I thumbed through the book and recognized a few pieces by my friend Deborah Boschert. Of course I have to have her autograph. (Deborah is the same person who picked my piece in the DAFA 'art swap'.) Congrats to Deborah! The name of the book is Creative Quilting with Beads I find it is a pretty good resource for creative use of embellishments and some fresh ideas for projects - the cover photo alone is intriguing.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick Update

I am really tired, drained and getting ready to hit the sack but wanted to update before I was too far behind.

Water Heater Woes: my neighbor got in touch with a friend of his who specializes in maintaining water heaters for the Garland ISD.
Frank came over, told me the obvious ' your heater is broken', took me to Home Depot and Lowes and showed me what to buy. Frank returned Sunday morning to install the heater - what a nice man. He saved me over $150 dollars - love him and my neighbor!

These are the hands of a hard working man.

Dallas Area Fiber Artist: April meeting featured Deanna Wood on Artist’s Books: Concept and Form.
She showed us many different types and forms of handmade books.
There was also a mini workshop where we made a concertina book. We learned how to cover a chipboard cover with flawless execution. Great workshop.

For the May meeting we had a potluck dinner and a fun 'art swap'. I made a 10 X 10 piece out of linen, transfer dyed panne velvet, beads and a little embossed metal piece. Deborah was the lucky person to pick my piece. I must say, this group is very talented and extremely supportive. I picked a couple of beautiful origami folded 'treasure boxes'. The workmanship is exquisite. I will have to find a creative was to display them.

New works: remember those repro fabrics I bought for the baby quilt I forgot to take a picture of? Well I had so much fabric left over, I had to buy some colorful fill-ins and I made a feed sack quilt. Here is a picture of it in progress.
It still needs its borders. I also made a magic wand and a second piece matching the 'art swap' piece. The bottom piece is the swap piece. I added a 'window' on the right hand side that looks pretty cool. I will keep the second piece for myself. I also have 2 pillows in progress using the same idea. I will display pictures as I develop them.
Here is a picture of my 'Magic Wand'. I needed something fun to do over the weekend, as I was stressed thinking about what I had in store for the rest of the week. It is pretty cool.

Here is an experimental piece featuring cowrie shells. I have had this cowrie shell thought for a few months and I decided to use a technique from Quilting Arts Magazine. This is a picture of the 'pieces'. It has since been developed a little more. I think it is a bit dark, so I will have to figure a way to lighten it up and the tea bag paper is more prominent than I hoped. The fabric is painted and the shells are drawn on tea bags and adhered with gel medium.

I have more pieces in work, just no pictures. - Yet.

Off topic: have you ever seen a purple yam? I have seen them in the Asian grocery stores and mentioned it to a coworker. Jane brought me 2 purple yams that she painstakingly picked from a stack of yams. They were perfectly pointed on one end and were the perfect size. They are not purple while raw, but after cooking them, they are purple! See...

They taste like sweet potatoes but the texture is denser. They are pretty good and are sweet so you do not need to add brown sugar.

Lastly... I finally met Linda's brother, Jeff Zachmann. We went to Fort Worth Main Street Art Festival and he had a booth with his kinetic sculptures. His work is amazing and I stood there with the children, mouth open and watched the little metal balls whirl around. I am going to start saving my money now cause I want one. I liked the one that is a sofa table - the sound of the balls traveling around has the same affect as a fountain. Here is Jeff and Linda - by the way - the Art Festival was awesome - I recommend attending next year.

Until next time....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Water Heater Woes

Lynn and Susan received their collages and were very happy with them. I finished (or mostly finished) the impromptu baby quilt and gave it to Alison for the baby shower. When she brings it back, I will add a label, some yo-yos and a pom pom or two and I am done. Everyone seems to like it but as usual I see all of the flaws and I am not too sure I like my method of quilt-as-you-go.
Now my woes - I looked out onto the patio and saw water or rather dampness. I go out to look a little closer and it seems that the pipe from the hot water heater has emptied water onto the patio as it is supposed to do in the event of an emergency (or something like that). Now the question becomes - what emergency? I try the hot water in the bathroom and it is not even lukewarm but I am in denial and plan to go about my business...until I go into the garage to make my escape from what I sense is impending doom. There is a nice stream of water running down one side of the garage. Yes, the water heater did something and the entire side of the garage is wet and I can still hear the water trickling. Christmas tree box - soaking wet, everything, everything, everything - wet. Now starts the process of cleaning up the water - ugh!!! Looks like the field mice that live across the alley moved in and left their little mice turds everywhere - what a pain.
Here comes next door neighbor, smiling cause he is getting a sprinkler system installed today. I was smiling like him when I got mine installed too. He wants to talk and the only thing in my head is cleaning this shit up and what the hell is wrong with this heater. I guess he doesn't notice the broom in my hand and the stream of water exiting the garage. I smile, share his joy and bring him to my page. He looks at the heater and tells me the water is running out - lightbulb moment! Anyway, he works maintenance for a management company and he calls his friend who specializes in hot water heaters...maybe his friend will call back. His daughter is off to her middle school dance and she stops by to show us how great she looks - she is beautiful and looks like a girl in middle school - yeah for her! I cleaned up half of the side with water because that's all I thought was there - that is until I looked around outside and saw other trickles around the slab- shit! I am going to the store!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Collage Mania

They are in the mail. Full Circle I was sent to Susan Kennedy in Sugar Land, Texas and Full Circle II was sent to Lynn Krawczyk in Plymouth, Michigan. These 2 ladies absolutely made my week.

Overall, the Collage Mania auction brought in $12,000+ for the American Cancer Society during the 2 days. I think this is a fantastic accomplishment and I applaud Virginia Spiegel for taking on this tremendous task.

I also want to thank my Twisted Stitchers sisters (try saying that 5 times) for their kind words of encouragement. They are an accomplished group of award winning quilt artists who waited patiently for me to loosen up enough to share my work.

Oh yeah, I gave in and bought a few more feed sack/30's fabrics so I can make this scrappy thing I saw in some junk mail ad that came to the house (damn that junk mail). I am still working on the baby quilt- it must be completed by Wednesday because the recipient will be leaving for her daughter's baby shower on Thursday. I am glad I am doing it as a quilt-as-you-go because everythin so far is quilted...I just need something for 2 or 3 blank block, maybe hearts because they are easy to do...should work with the much for keeping it simple--why did I forget to add the darn sashing BEFORE quilting??????? S#@*!

More tomorrow...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fiberart For A Cause!

Today is the first day for purchasing collages at Collage Mania! Today, the pieces sell for a minimum donation of $80 to the American Cancer Society and tomorrow they sell for a minimum donation of $40. Guess who (and I am not naming any names) sold both of her pieces both of her pieces today? I am so excited I had to call my family and share the news. Now all I have to do is sign them and package them for mail. I will do my shopping at Collage Mania tomorrow. There are still plenty of pretty pieces available.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yeah!! It's Thursday, one day before Friday and the weekend. This past weekend was productive: I made 2 purses using an Amy Butler pattern and started a baby quilt with the repro fabrics. I decided to make 12 inch blocks comprised of half square triangles. Each 12 in block has 25 half squares in a single color. I will set them with white blocks that have appliques of bears and hearts. I will add a picture later. Off to work now...there is a Dallas Guild meeting tonight. Will post about the DAFA meeting later.