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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goodbye Sweet Nicole

Today, I learned my sweet cousin Nicole passed away. She lived in the Baltimore area and was 36 years old. My heart is heavy. Nicole leaves behind her brother John and a family that is in shock and still grieving over the loss of 2 other family members this year. I am grateful and I thank God that I was able to spend time with Nicole in February when we gathered together as a family to say goodbye to Aunt Irene. The last time I saw Nicole, she had lost a lot of weight and I remember teasing her about wearing baggy clothes and maybe she should buy a new wardrobe to show off her new figure. She laughed but didn't say much. My brother remembers her not talking too much about herself and another cousin remembers her being tired during her visit... When it was time for her to leave, we hugged, kissed and promised to stay in touch...I will miss you sweet Nicole. 
Goodbye sweet Nicole. Rest in Peace.

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