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Friday, January 9, 2009


Fat little fingers
Chubby little toes
Angelic little faces
The cutest baby clothes

The joys of bringing baby home
Will start on that very first day
But after about a week or so
You’ll be begging – ‘someone, please show me the way’

Yea, sure, they start off all sweet and sleepy
All knotted up in an itty bitty ball
Your hormones may even make you a bit weepy
As you envision when he first starts to crawl!

Your family – they will stay for a while
Support they will hand out in droves
Be brave when they leave – BIG SMILE
Now you have to wash all the clothes!

Oh, you will still have the fat little fingers
And the cute, chubby little baby toes
But if you don’t have a nanny named Inga
You’ll be the one wiping snot from his nose,

And the spit-up from off your shoulder,
And the poop - ‘cause the diaper was loose
But…, You will tighten the diaper and get bolder!
You will move up from milk to the juice!

You’ll marvel at all of his parts
So perfect in every single way
It’s the love that you have for your baby
That will always make for a wonderful day!


Someone actually got a little choked up when I read this.
Today we hosted a baby shower for John and Ya-Fang. They are having their first child - a baby boy - in ten days. They are young and cute and unaware of the love that will move in and take over their hearts. This poem was one of my gifts to them - a special request from my friend Karen. Art comes in all forms.

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