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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

I wish you a happy, healthy, creative 2009. Having said that, I am still not over the flu/cold/virus or whatever it is that has a hold of my head. I had to give up the NyQuil because I was waking up disoriented and it would take all day to get my head right again. I have been on vacation since Christmas Eve so that has helped.

I have a wonderful family and fantastic friends. They went to great lengths to make sure my birthday was fun. Most things did not happen as planned and I still had the best day. We had Thai food (twice),

partners in crime Karen and Camille

took a trip to IKEA - was overwhelmed by the crowd and left empty-handed and tried twice to see the new Clint Eastwood movie - Gran Torino. Who knew the movie was so popular? We toasted with Pomegrante and Apple Martinis birthday cake, ice cream and Martinis

and strolled around the Shops at Legacy. My good friend Linda had two dozen roses (beautiful, two toned roses) for me and an inspiring card with some great horoscope messages. This was the first time I went out with my daughter where we were able to toast to each other - I love it!

I worked on several pieces,

part of my empty nest

made some gelatin prints, a leopard print camera case for my daughter's new camera.

Tomorrow will be a sad day - I go back to work after a week and a half off and Camille heads back to the chilly northeast. Her leaving is the saddest - we had a great time and I am proud of the young lady she has become.

Liz and Cam - 80 degrees in January!

She is going to spend some time with her Grandma in NYC and I am comforted that she will still be with family.

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