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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hello Again

The sleeping quilter awakes. Ahhh - it has been what - 2 years since I last posted? What can I say, I have been busy, very busy and very tired. Almost every day I think about adding a new post to let my friends and followers know I am still in this world. Today I vow to change from an every 2 year update to at least once every two weeks.
A brief synopsis - I went on a quilting cruise with my lovely mother in 2010 and I received an Honorable Mention at the Dallas Quilt Celebration this past March - that's it. In reality, I have done much more but I won't take up precious blog space covering every detail now. In time...
Right now I am making meatballs and spaghetti. I was watching a show called 'Cooking Yourself Thin' or something like that, where the hosts take a calorie laden dish and redux it using less fat, less sodium, less creamy deliciousness while keeping the flavors. I'm no food stylist but yummy..........

Getting back to art and artistic endeavors...for a while my creative mojo went on vacation. I believe my brain was so full of work 'things' there was no room for creativity to flourish. I struggled to come up with ideas and my motivation was absent. I challenged myself during Lent to either create a piece of art each day or finish a UFO. I was somewhat successful and pleased that some pieces I have had for years were finally quilted.

Here is a piece that has been around for 4 or 5 years.

I was also able to work out a few ideas I had floating in my head. The Lenten project idea came from my friend Deborah Boschert, who by the way is having an excellent year. I will show pictures later because of course I cannot find these gems right now.

The one thing that did not change was my desire to purchase fabric and gadgets, gadgets I haven't used and cannot find. My daughter has instructions to not let me buy one more inch of fabric, yet I manage to sneak in a fat quarter or half yard every now and then. I think this is my crack.

I have been dying to dye for some time now. About a month ago, I took some time and dyed a 12 step gradation.

I love it! I have no real plans to use the fabric but the whole idea of playing with color makes me happy. I'll just pet it for now.

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  1. Well, I am having a good year! And now I'm having a good day since you are back to blogging! See you next week?