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Thursday, November 3, 2011


We have arrived! This is the first road trip my daughter and I have taken together in years. She agreed to come with me to the International Quilt Festival in Houston.
We had an uneventful drive and spent most of the time counting the 'Buck-ee' reststop billboard sightings. There must be something like 50 billboards along the route and we plan to stop to visit Buck-ee on the way home. We had fun catching up on politics from the perspective of a 20 something vs. a middle aged something.
I terribly underestimated the location of our hotel so we are somewhere off of highway 10, roughly 30 minutes from the convention center. Anyway, we are here.
To our delight, the hotel has a happy hour each evening with 'drink specials' and 'free appetizers'. We decided to partake of the merriment and the entire experience made for great comic relief. We headed to the bar, making our way past what we thought was a closed lunch buffet. In the distance we spotted a buffet table filled with delicious looking finger sandwiches, chicken wings, fresh fruits and vegetables and other tidbits that had us salivating. We decided to start at one end and make our way to the fully stocked bar where we would order a nice blush and enjoy our food. -- That was until a really, really nice waitress quietly came up to us as we picking up our plates and asked if we were 'with the group'. Group? My first thought was - 'we could be' but I decided to keep my mouth shut. Apparently, we walked into a corporate happy hour and the 'closed lunch buffet' we passed when we walked in was for us. These 'free appetizers consisted of left over cheese cubes, a sleeve of crackers, a jar of salted peanuts and a steam tray we were afraid to open. All we could think to do to hide our embarrassment was to quickly hide at the bar and order a drink. Gulp! Slurp! We were done and out of there.
Somewhere in this story is a moral but I will post it later, after I figure out what it is.

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